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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HOW TO: Build a Social Media Education Program for Your Company

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In the past few years, businesses have increasingly dedicated resources to creating social media strategies in hopes of boosting site traffic, sales and brand engagement.

Joining social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, companies have struggled to create unique user experiences and provide value for followers, while also meeting management expectations and program goals.

The biggest social media challenge for businesses in 2011 will be to rethink their social media strategies to make them sustainable and scalable. We spoke to representatives at Dell, Intel and Constant Contact to discuss how building social media training programs has helped their companies do just that. Read on for their top tips.

1. Choose the Decision-Making Team

2. Ask Questions and Set Goals

3. Benchmark Employees

4. Set the Curriculum and Refresh Often

5. House Training Materials Centrally

6. Get the Word Out


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