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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why should organizations be on twitter ?

Why should organizations be on twitter ?

Should your organization be on twitter?

There are people in corporate who roll their eyes at the mention of twitter. But twitter certainly is the medium of today. Read on to know how twitter can help and contribute to corporate communication.

You can put your ideas out there:

It can serve as a learning ground. You can put your ideas out there to the people who understand you and know what you are talking about and get instant feedbacks. It is a micro world where you can test your ideas at very low cost and at times are spared of re-inventing the wheel.

Meet like-minded people who are walking the same road you are:

Foe an entrepreneur or as professional s who are keen to develop potentials and figures on bottom lines, twitter serves as a great learning medium. Its micro blogging aspect enables us to wade through the information and many a times we find more than what we are looking for, seed ideas which can then be developed. It is the best way to connect to people like you who speak your language, discuss your ideas and many a times give the ideas both spark and currency.

Information in micro blogs:

You can get a lot of information relevant to your industry in the fastest way in tweets of 140 characters that are micro blogs. These tweets contain the links to the blogs and other content containing the information.

Great communication and recruiting tool

You can communicate with potential buyers, sellers, clients, recruits that relate to your business. It is a very effective way of spreading ideas, information and content. Companies have found it a very useful tool for recruitment too. It can serve as a great platform for you . If you follow the right people, it can replace Google and email as a primary information source.

Enhances your power of creative thinking

You need to follow right people from your industry and soon it will be like plugging into this enormous cloud of stimulating snippets, conversation, thoughts and ideas of people from all over the world. You think and rethink. It all helps you think creatively, when you meet people who have different point of view than yours on the same subject. Traditional media allows only a select band of voices in but here anybody and everybody gets heard, if he has a point.

It is a great medium of marketing:

You have written this great piece about your product or services. You post it on your site. Your followers will read it and if the retweet it .Your information goes to a bigger number. If scribes find the product or service interesting and write or tweet about it , you’ve hit the jackpot as far as marketing of your product or service goes because good services, applications and products ‘can’ go viral- reach millions of people if you are networked and use twitter optimally.

These are a few of the points that should be considered by the corporate world when deciding on , if they should be on twitter.

There are several collateral advantages if your business is on twitter. It cannot be dubbed as a ‘time wasting tool’ without knowing its advantages. Some more of its advantages include:

It is a great search tool:

In some respects it is better search tool than Google. Google uses algorithms to dig out information. Twitter harnesses the mass capabilities of millions of mind. Twitter is the world consciousness, mass of human intelligence of millions of twitteratis who are all providing you information that is new, relevant, valuable and entertaining. As more people join it , the better it will get. Follow people you admire and respect and enjoy and reap the benefits of information they provide.

Twitter is not a broadcasting tool:

It is not a transmission or broadcasting tool. The best thing about this medium of communication is that it aids conversation, encourages conversation. People respond to the information or content you provide. You get reactions instantly. It is a two way communication. You can share and discuss with hundreds and millions of people in real time.

Corporates can adopt a more human tone and reach people:

Twitter changes the tone of communication. High and mighty corporate czars on twitter adopt the same tone as you as me on twitter. They are more approachable.

Companies can reach their customers and interact with potential clients and customers on real time basis and it all improves the image of the corporate house as being reachable.

Twitter helps create communities.

Twitter helps create communities. These communities may be around a particular issue, event, ideas, subjects, cultures or geographies. It is easier to market to the ones who you think will listen to you. It is a kind of segregation that sometimes marketers dream of.

It is a level playing field

Both for a company with a heritage of 20 years behind it and a start up which is a few months old, it is a level playing field. Use the right techniques and you can notch up millions of followers who will have ears for you. Having a loyal following build up slowly is better than buying the followers, which some companies do. Have something substantial to say about your company, people are listening, the world is listening.

Long attention span to help your marketing:

They say Twitteratis have a memory of a goldfish. Unlike what people believe, causes and issues, especially marketing campaigns can be kept alive for a longer period of time on twitter than on other mediums that too at a lower cost. The frequency can be more. You can keep reminding people about the special schemes and discounts and connect to them on a one-to –one basis.

Thus twitter is the communicating medium of today and tomorrow. Its cutting edge feels adds to your arsenal of communicating mediums. To know more about twitter, maintenance of a twitter ac and other details, please contact our team at We can help you bring your business communications to web 2.0 level.

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