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Monday, February 7, 2011

Link Baiting with Social Media for Local Internet Marketing

Many of our clients ask, “How do we use local Internet marketing to get more people to come to our site on a regular basis?” A couple options we suggest to those clients, which will likely come as no surprise, are local Internet marketing campaigns that involve SEO and SEM. But, the key to making SEO, SEM and all the local Internet marketing pieces fit together to maximize traffic to your site is great content—content people are searching for, or content that’s newsworthy and makes people want to talk and spread the word!

The type of content I’m speaking of here is referred to as ‘link bait’. For example, if you are in the home contracting market and a manufacturer has a new product introduction, make sure you promote this new product on your website and social media sites, as well. In other words, ride the wave of publicity the manufacturer will be doing, and by doing so, you’ll get people to your site. The same holds true with any other niche, be it construction, real estate or public relations.

We’ve become more and more aware of how much social media can impact local Internet search engine rankings, as discussed in our post, ‘How Social Media Can Impact Your Local Search Engine Rankings – A Look at Google and Bing. Couple this with link baiting, and boom! You have more traffic and an increase in ranking status. To link bait effectively, we encourage our clients to link to other relevant business’ newsworthy content, as described above, or to create content on their own websites and blogs, such as promotions, breaking industry news, or big industry events that will get other websites to link very quickly back to their sites. In the end, when you do it right, this means an increase in traffic that can be ten-fold compared to pre-link baiting for your business.

The goal is to publicize any newsworthy events or promotions strategically. Link baits can be in the form of articles, photos, graphics, videos, etc. Once the link bait’s created, our clients begin to socialize the link through social bookmarking on their company websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, email and other social media venues. Once you start getting the word out by posting the link on every social media venue that belongs to your business, other relevant businesses will start picking up the link, which again, drives traffic from their site and business to yours! Then, as your links begin to pop up on other web pages all over the Internet and more traffic is coming to your site, your search engine ranking will increase.

Also, as you publicize and others ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you on Facebook and Twitter, these ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ become trackable on some search engines, which again means boosting your organic search engine rankings.

Our clients look to us to optimize their site for higher organic rankings. By looking for great content to link to, or by creating their own content that allows for link baiting via social media venues, it keeps them ahead of the game to increase traffic to their site. In the end, this means building and growing their local Internet marketing business on a continual basis.

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