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Friday, February 4, 2011

search engine optimization more effective than social media

By ClickThrough Marketing | Yesterday

Search engine optimisation 'more effective than social media'While many commentators have predicted growth in social media marketing in 2011, traditional internet marketing services strategies such as search engine optimisation may be more effective at seeing a return.

This is according to research by Foresee Results, which revealed that more people are likely to use search results as a major influence when making a purchase than use a social media recommendation.

A study of nearly 10,000 visitors to major retailers showed that 13 per cent used a search engine as their primary reason for visiting a website, while three per cent were directed via a social network.

Brand familiarity was the top motivation for people, with 46 per cent using a company they already knew and were comfortable with.

These are also more likely to be satisfied with their visit than those who arrive at a domain through social media.

Commenting on the results, Econsultancy's Graham Charlton said: "Retailers shouldn't allow these figures to discourage them from using social media.

"Instead, [they] could look at how they can do more to make their presence on sites like Facebook more effective."

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